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Each event held by Real Estate typically features three types of auctions. Each is easy to define, understand and participate in.

Absolute Auction

Highest bid wins, regardless of price. Absolute auctions are usually the most exciting and well-attended of the day. Potential buyers are attracted to absolute auctions because of the possibility of landing a property at a bargain price. Sellers love absolute auctions for the buzz they generate about their properties and the competitive bidding that is almost sure to result. The result? Typically a happy meeting ground for both parties.

What a great feeling for a winning buyer to know that he or she outlasted fellow bidders and won a desirable property at a fair price, while the seller has absolute confidence that he or she has received true market value for the property in the purest form possible: direct, head-to-head competition.

Minimum Bid Auction

These auctions begin at a minimum set price established by the seller. The minimum bid is published in the brochure and announced by the auctioneer at the start of bidding for that particular property.

Reserve Auction

This type of auction allows the seller to accept, reject or counter the “winning” bid. Sellers may make this decision before the event ends or they may take up to three days to decide. This gives sellers protection that their properties will not be sold below a level they can live with. However, Reserve Auctions often generate less interest among buyers because of the uncertainty of where the sellers have placed their reserve and whether the buyer’s winning bid will actually be accpeted.

To learn which types of auctions apply to each property, be sure to check them on this website. Printed materials, large-screen displays and announcements at the event will also provide that information. In addition, we’ll have plenty of helpful associates on hand to provide assistance, as needed.

Sellers, be sure to contact us if you’d like more information about which type of auction to choose for your property. It\’s crucial to market and sell your real estate with an auction that’s the very best fit for your type of property and your objectives.