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An auction held by is exciting and potentially profitable for sellers and buyers alike. etc.

If you have one or more properties that you’d like to sell, consider these great auction benefits for sellers:

  • Competitive bidding among buyers means that prices can actually escalate during the process, sometimes even surpassing the price of a traditional, negotiated sale.
  • Selling at auction puts an end to carrying costs and other expenses if traditional sales methods are not producing results.
  • You have the safety of a reserve or minimum bid, if desired, to ensure that your property does not sell below what you consider acceptable.
  • Buyers come prepared to buy. They are pre-qualified and have already inspected your property during open houses scheduled specifically for the auction.
As a seller,  you probably know all too well the dips and turns the economy has taken and how it has affected the real estate market. You may have had to endure the time and expense of repeated showings, cancellations and no-shows. Perhaps your signage and/or marketing has failed to draw enough traffic. Maybe you are having trouble finding qualified buyers. Perhaps listing with a previous Realtor® did not produce the results you expected. Instead of putting up with all those problems, how would you like these additional auction benefits for sellers:
  • An aggressively marketed, organized event exposing your property to a large number of qualified, purposeful buyers.
  • A quick sale with no long negotiation periods.
  • An enforced closing date. Not closing means the potential buyer loses all earnest money.
  • Ease of transaction. The auction process relieves you of the selling hassles. We handle it for you—the open houses, the disclosure packets, the presentation at the auction and more.
Don’t fret if you’ve been having trouble selling your property. It’s time to consider working with Sit back and let do the work of selling your property.

Our team of marketers, auctioneers and Realtors® will get the job done for a very reasonable cost, and we’ll do it fast. We even have a nationally recognized preferred lender available to qualify potential buyers who are seeking financial services. We cover it all.

Remember: While the majority of the buying public worries about the latest media reports and waits for someone else to make the first move in the current real estate marketplace, there are savvy and ready buyers on the auction circuit who understand now is the time to buy. They’re willing to compete against each other for the chance to buy your property!

Get involved today so you can take advantage of all the auction benefits for sellers. Our next public auction is approaching quickly. List your property or properties with and hear that most welcome word: “SOLD!”