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The buzz in the room is palpable. It’s going to be a great day to buy and sell at’s big event!

The auctioneer launches into his signature chant as he solicits bids from the crowd. The activity skips back and forth across the room as bids are made and dreams begin to crystallize. The excitement builds as the auctioneer concludes the bidding with “SOLD! Congratulations, and please step forward to complete your real estate purchase.”

And while the successful bidder is still making his or her way across the room, bidding for another property is already about to begin.

A crowd of people has come for the unique opportunity of bidding on real estate. Potential buyers are excited at the prospect of purchasing real estate at discount prices, while potential sellers are thrilled with the opportunity to move their properties quickly in one session. brings together buyers and sellers with the best properties, including single family homes, apartment buildings, vacant land, commercial property and more. Real estate auctions are a proven method of selling real estate with distinct advantages to buyers and sellers.

What’s so special about a real estate auction and why is it such an attraction? Simply put, an auction can be a proverbial win-win situation for people looking to purchase real estate and people who want to sell.

Under one roof, for just one day, provides this unique opportunity. Only an auction can offer the potential deals and the quick transaction time that buyers and sellers love.

Is a real estate auction for you? Absolutely! From newcomers to seasoned buyers and sellers, an auction can be fun and profitable. The basic rules are easy to understand and detailed on this website. Sellers provide clear title at closing, while buyers provide certified earnest money and pre-approval from a lender. The properties are available in advance for inspection and the program that is run by the staff or before, during and after the event is comprehensive and easy to follow.

You’ll learn phrases like absolute auction, minimum bid auction and reserve auction. You’ll learn that the auctioneer’s chant, a colorful and intriguing dialog unique to that profession, is easy to follow. But most importantly, you’ll learn as a buyer that there are deals to be had and as a seller there are people eager to purchase your property that may have been unsold for too long.

Join us at our very next real estate auction to have a chance to buy and sell some of the best properties available!