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Top Two Most Common Pricing Mistakes!

Top Two Most Common Pricing Mistakes!

Its a early Sunday morning, you wake up, and look forward to your yummy breakfast of cereal and almond milk (I don’t like dairy milk) and you sit down pour your cereal, measure out your portions and dig in. Yuck! The almond milk has expired! Its a terrible experience. When a seller’s home listing expires […]

Using Infographics to Market Your Listings!

Did you know that having a Dunkin Donuts nearby your home can boost its value by 15%? I had no idea either until I saw it on an infographic. Now if someone had written a long article on home values or locations etc I may not have learned that little tidbit of info but because […]

Referral Marketing!

Have you given any referrals to your network today? Have you received any referrals today? How would you like to close more sales based strictly on referrals received? As the old adage goes, “a watched phone never rings”, but wouldn’t you love having your phone ringing off the hook, with people eager to buy your […]

Allergy Proof Your Home!

Millions of people suffer from allergies, about 20% of US population, and the number predicted to be rising.  Dr. Jay Portnoy, director of allergy, asthma and immunology at Children’s Hospital in Kansas City, Mo. stated “For one thing, climate change and rising carbon monoxide levels have created an environment that is more hospitable to the […]

Retrofitting Your Existing Home!

This month is celebrating Earth Day and focuses on being greener at work and home.  New homes are being designed to be highly energy efficient and produce a lot less greenhouse gases.  In fact, homes built before 1983 can be big energy wasters and produce 70 percent of greenhouse gas emissions related to single-family energy […]

Getting Lucky: Back to Basics!

“Most people skate to where the puck is; I skate to where the puck is going to be.” – Wayne Gretsky Success comes to us via many routes, various endeavors, through many avenues, and frequently, some version of trial-and-error. On the other hand, if you want to increase the likelihood of getting lucky, as in […]

“Reverse” Redlining…Say What?

The term “redlining” goes all the way back to the 1920’s, when the Federal Housing Administration began to use a red pen to highlight parts of the country where residential lending was considered to be too risky.  The term was subsequently applied to the discriminatory lending practices of banks, which were averse to making mortgage […]

Tax Deductions Please!

Tax day is looming closer and closer.  While this is not tax advice (Formal disclaimer, I am not a lawyer, doctor or CPA…) there are some tax deductions and credits for homebuyers, homeowners, and even home sellers. The most well-known tax deduction is mortgage interest paid.  This applies to not only your primary home, but […]

Helping Heroes Buy Homes!

Homes for Heroes is a nationwide company that locks arms with real estate-professionals, such as Real Estate Agents, Title Companies, Property Inspectors, and Mortgage Brokers, who offer significant concession and fee reductions to the heroes that serve their communities and the county. Homes for Heroes give almost one third of their commissions back to the […]

The Power of Face-To-Face Meetings!

We track an immense amount at We track the number of LinkedIn connections we make each week, the number of times we post, the amount of times we blog and several other special lead generation movements. But without a doubt, the number one category we emphasize is making sure we get our five “face-to-face” […]