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Take Control with Real Estate Auctions!

Take Control with Real Estate Auctions!

For best results, a savvy investor will strive to ensure that property is placed into service at its “highest and best use.” Essentially this means that revenue is maximized and expenses are minimized through optimized operations. This could mean for example rather than renting a large single family in a conventional manner to a single […]

Why Properties Sell For More at Auction!

Why Properties Sell For More at Auction!

I was conducting an auction recently with seven people bidding.  The bidding started at $700,000 and was moving up in increments of $25,000. Now can I hear, $725,000, I have $700k, now can I hear $725,000 I cried out. Slowly the hands began going up. $725k, $750k, $775k, $800k. And then the bidding stopped. I […]

Going, Going, Gone!

Auctions are an amazing way to sell and buy property. With Technology these days your reach to potential buyers is amazing. With your property will get both local and international exposure providing you with ready and able buyers right away. Two really cool things about putting your property in auction is you have an […]

Is a Real Estate Auction Right For Me?

A real estate auction is an inventive and efficient process of selling a property. It is an concentrated, marketing technique designed to hasten the selling process that engages in the public sale of real estate, including residential, commercial, land, and luxury properties through competitive bidding platform. But how do buyers, sellers, or even Realtors benefit […]

“Languaging” Real Estate Auctions!

This past week, I had the opportunity to meet with two real estate brokers and the owners of a small commercial property to discuss a potential auction listing.  During that meeting, I tried out a few ideas regarding how to “language” real estate auctions which I thought might be of interest to fellow Auction […]

Buyers Want an Easy Transaction Process to Purchase a Home!

  While I was at my last Auction, I had a moment to be talking with another Realtor representing a bidder at the Auction.  We were discussing our long careers and experiences.  As I spoke about my new experiences with the auction process, he mentioned how many new buyers don’t want any conflict in the […]

New Way To Sell Real Estate!

Since the advent of UBER Technologies, creation of a public transportation app that has greatly changed the way we use traditional for-hire, public transportation methods has made a significant impact nationwide.  I feel (REA) is trending in that same direction changing what is traditional in real estate sales and marketing.  Real estate auctions is more in […]

Benefits of Selling or Buying Real Estate Through Auction!

Real Estate Auction is an effective method of selling real estate. By the auction being marketed the right way opens up a wide variety of benefits to the seller and the buyer. Some of the benefits to the seller are as follows: The Buyer comes prepared to buy with funds available and verified. Creates Competition […]

Auction Energy

The mention of auctioneering—the business of actively pitting the purses of one or several determined would-be purchaser(s) against others—most often conjures up images of livestock and farm equipment; art and antiques, going-out-of business office, restaurant and fitness equipment; even a questionable inventory of law-enforcement-confiscated vehicles, unclaimed bicycles, backpacks and umbrellas. The more recent public auctions […]

Bidding at Auction: The What and Why

I had a conversation the other day with a Realtor® about what to bid on a property at auction. The premise was the Realtor® asked what the client’s bid was, based on the offer and counter-offer between the competing parties.  Of course, when the bid price is low everyone wants to win the bid at […]