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Auctions held by are the most exciting and productive way to purchase property.

The auction benefits for buyers include:

  • Assurance of a clean title at closing, with no liens or back taxes.
  • Ability to name your price. Bid at whatever level you wish.
  • Ample opportunity to inspect properties and receive full disclosures.
  • Choice of numerous properties in a variety of different categories and locations to consider in one setting.

Auctions for real estate have grown significantly in popularity in recent years, and they aren’t a vehicle only for distressed property. Quite the contrary. Typically, sellers enter their properties in auctions in order to:

  • Accelerate the sales process.
  • Minimize the costs they incur holding onto the property while waiting for it to sell.
  • Expose their properties to a large number of potential buyers in one organized setting.

As a real estate buyer, wouldn’t you like to:

  • Have the chance to purchase real estate at a price that might be considerably discounted from the previous asking price?
  • Not have to go through long negotiations with the seller?
  • Compete fairly and on the same terms with other potential buyers?
  • Close quickly with an owner who is truly committed to sell?

Of course you would. These are the main auction benefits for buyers. And, when you add in the excitement and ease of the auction process, well, it’s an event not to be missed! events are tailor-made for buyers and sellers. The auction is truly a win-win situation for both, and isn’t that a great way to buy and sell real estate?

Sellers get their properties sold faster and easier, while buyers can purchase at prices that are in line with true market value. In fact, there’s no better way to determine current, true market value than a live auction.

Auction day is fun and it’s simple to participate in the action. Everything is explained and the proceedings are easy to follow. You do not need to be an experienced auction veteran to take part and place bids. You simply must be a serious, financially qualified potential buyer.

“Financially qualified” means backed with cash or pre-approved by a lender for financing. Remember: the sellers are providing clean title at closing, full disclosure and ample opportunity to inspect their properties. Buyers, therefore, need to be prepared to buy and close within 45 days. A fast closing is beneficial to all involved.

Come to the next auction held by Take advantage of all the great auction benefits for buyers and find one or more great properties at great prices!