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Minnesota’s Next Real Estate Auction Scheduled For Sept., 2014

RealEstateAuctions.com is holding a Minnesota auction in September.  This will be an ONLINE event commencing at 12 noon on Thursday, September 4th and ending at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, September 6th.  All bidders must be registered by going to and signing up at this link. The property up for auction is a five (5)-acre industrial …

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Bring On the New Year With Plans to Sell Your Home This Spring

-So your property didn’t sell in 2013. -You have heard numerous times that the Minnesota winter is NOT the time to list or sell real estate. The market picks up again in spring, so hunker down and try, try again. SO WHAT NOW? Are you really going to sit on that real estate and wait …

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Avoid Hibernation This Winter. Put the Season to Good Use

Even though those of us who live in a land that does more than nip at your nose- honestly, it gets bone chilling cold. That is no excuse to shut in for the cold months and put business off till spring. Where it is true winter months are the OFF SEASON, there is no need …

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Why Minneapolis, MN? Lots of Reasons!

For those that like city living without getting lost in the mass shuffle, Minneapolis, or better yet the Twin Cities, is a perfect fit. Over the years Minneapolis has seen a flux of people and cultures. And, as a bonus, the new construction keeps going strong to accommodate. Contemporary lofts and condos are popping up …

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Hold Nationwide Auction Dec. 7 With Minnesota Represented!

Just in!!  RealEstateAuctions.com is holding a national auction event on December 7, 2013.  All Regions will hold an auction on this date.  Most of the auctions will be held online.  Some locations may also hold a “ballroom” style auction on that day as well.  Potential bidders can go to RealEstateAuctions.com to register and obtain Bidder …

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Sure-Fire Signs Your Real Estate Marketing is Reaching the Masses

What are some sure-fire signs your marketing materials are reaching the masses? It has been my experience while working in previous advertising-type environments that many businesses question how effective different marketing tactics really are. And rightfully so! Just about every relative marketing and advertising endeavor takes some time before obvious results are noticed. This is …

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Maximize Your Marketing Dollars

We have all heard the old saying- A little goes a long way. This can be true for so many scenarios, including marketing. In a world of DIY tactics, more and more potential sellers are reluctant to cough up money on the front end. They want to see results and history before coming out of …

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