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As the date draws near for any of our auction events, we’ll hold auction open houses.

Auction open houses are typically referred to as “on-sites” and they are the opportunities for potentially interested auction bidders to perform inspections. provides more than one scheduled opportunity per auction property, and there is always the possibility for a non-scheduled showing, provided it can be accommodated by our staff.

Times vary per location, so please be sure to check our auction open house schedule for the times and dates of the property(s) that interest you.

Properties offered for sale at auctions are typically offered on an “as-is, where-is” basis. This is very common in all real estate sales, not just auctions. Occasionally in non-auction real estate sales, you\”ll find a home warranty offered as a sales incentive, providing varying levels of protection for certain components such as appliance, the furnace, roof, etc. But the majority of sales are sold as-is. A buyer must simply conduct his or her own due diligence when selecting a property they are interested in buying. The open houses provide an opportunity to do just that.

Potential buyers are welcome to bring along a home inspector, contractor or other trusted professional to examine the property. Sellers agree to provide clean title at closing, free of liens or back taxes, but it’s up to the buyer to perform the necessary investigations to ensure the property meets their expectations.

At, we’re proud of the high level of service we provide at the auction open houses. With very rare exceptions, we staff the on-sites with auction specialist Realtors from our very own staff, not outside agents-for-hire.

At the on-site, you’ll be welcomed by the Realtor on duty who will ask you to register with a photo ID. There is no charge for this simple auction registration. This is at the request of the property owner. Once registered, you\”ll receive the Terms and Conditions which explains the auction process, and the Realtor on duty can assist with questions in that regard. Also as part of the registration, you’ll be able to take a look around.

If you are interested in learning more about that property at the auction open houses, a Bidder’s Information Package is available to purchase for a nominal fee. Inside the Bidder’s Information Package will be a variety of documents and disclosures that you can use to make an informed decision about that particular property.