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This is the fee that a winning bidder pays in addition to his or her winning bid. The Buyers Premium (Buyers Fee in Wisconsin) is typically a percentage that is added to the winning bid, or hammer price, in order to make a final selling price. Example:

Tue | Sep
Shelter Cove, CA / Two Lots with Pacific Ocean View / Online Only / Ends December 6th
Online Only, Shelter Cove, California, 95589
Tue | Sep
POST AUCTION! Detroit Multi-Property Listings Available Through Nov. 30, 2014!
Post Auction, Detroit, Michigan, 48228
Sat | Oct
Scottville, Michigan October 4th Online/Live Auction
103-105 E State St, Scottville, Michigan, 49454
Mon | Nov
Benson, Arizona- Online/Onsite Auction
1030 S Barrel Cactus Ridge, Benson, Arizona, 85602
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